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Perform dynamic find

Question asked by luis.ecohaus on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hi all,


I am trying to script a "find" operation taking into account several criteria. I believe it might be easier to understand providing a practical example.

  • I have two deals: Joe Bloggs and Katie Bloggs. Joe Bloggs belongs to sales person A and Katie Bloggs belongs to sales person B.
  • Each deal contain fields describing the relationship between the deal and respective sales person:
    • each deal has the sales person foreign key and the sales person name (as a calculation).


The goal is: sales person A is logged in and tries to search for a deal using a search field. By typing "Bloggs" it should only appear the respective deal (Joe Bloggs) and not both of them.


I am using Quickfind for my searches. It works fine for a admin user because it can access everything. However, I don't want "sales team" users to look at other sales person deals.


I looked at the FM Training Series: Advanced manual and they advise using "Dynamic Finds" (page 433 of the book by the way) by entering in Find mode and enter the search criteria using the Set Field script step. Still no luck.


Did anyone came across with something similar?

Thanks in advance.