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    Format Bar Menu





      How do I prevent giving the users the option of:  Show All, New Record, Delete Record, Sort or Share; while still giving them the ability to scroll thru the found record set?





      Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.08.17 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.07.38 AM.png



      Thank you


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          I usually hide the toolbar completely on open. I also lock it. That still leaves the menu which you can hide using custom menus.

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            But I still need the Book or slider and the current record number / total record number.

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              Did you use the Show/Hide Toolbars step in an Open script?

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                You can add buttons to your layout that move to first, last, next, previous records. And you can insert layout text using the layout number that gives you the current record number and found sets. This will take up much less space than the full tool bar.

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                  Yes, I did.  But this is a new window that opens when I need to show the related records of the main client record.


                  Here is my script



                  Go To Related record in Funeral Document of current client If [ Get ( FoundCount )>1 ]

                  Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "More than on Client Selected"; Message: "You have selected more than one client. "; Default Button: “OK”, Commit: “Yes” ]

                  Go to Layout [ “Choices WS ” (Funeral) ] Enter Browse Mode
                  Halt Script

                  Else If [ (Count(Documents Funeral::UniqueID)) ]
                  Go to Related Record [ From table: “Documents Funeral”; Using layout: “Layout #7” (Documents Funeral) ]

                  [ Show only related records; New window ]

                  Allow Formatting Bar [ Off ]

                  Show/Hide Toolbars

                  [ Lock; Show ]

                  [ Text: "there are no related records" ]

                  [ Wait for completion ]

                  End If



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                    Looks like I misread your reply. Phil has you covered.

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                      Thank you, that will also make the solution look more professional.