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fmsadmin close command hang

Discussion created by Scripto Centris on Apr 28, 2017
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Product and version: FileMaker Serveur

OS and version: Mac 10.12.3




I have a command file with this command:


/Library/FileMaker\ Server/Database\ Server/bin/fmsadmin close -yf -u *** -p ***


It's scheduled to execute each weekday at 2h30am, to do a backup of the server and when done, I got another command file to open all databases.


There is also a FileMaker script that is scheduled on the server to execute each 30 minutes with a time limit of 10 minutes.


Sometime, but not always, when the fmsadmin command to close all database is executed, it hang, waiting for all databases to close.

When it does hang, looking at the console, all databases are close but one that is currently being closed but never is.


When looking at the client tab in the console, there's one client, the server, that is executing the scheduled script on the database that is currently being closed.  But even after two and a half hours, it's still trying to execute the FileMaker script (that have a 10 minutes timeout) and my command file is still waiting for all databases to be closed before doing the backup.


It look like both script (the fmsadmin command and the scheduled script on the serveur) are in conflict, but not each day.


I would expect that the fmsadmin command would force quit all connected clients after 2 minutes or the the scheduled FileMaker script would timeout after 10 minutes and then the backup to run before reopening all databases.


Workaround: Currently, I have disabled the scheduled FileMaker script between 1am and 4am and it didn't hang since.


Maxime Paquette