LiveCode for FM Plugin now Windows Compatible as well as Mac

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We are pleased to announce the release of the Windows compatible version of the LiveCode for FM plugin, for both 32 and 64 bit Windows. This joins the existing plugin already available for Mac users of FileMaker. LiveCode for FM brings native app building functionality into FileMaker. Drag-drop to create a full user interface experience, include rich graphics and multimedia, write code in English to crunch data from any source, or integrate your FileMaker app with the operating system or web APIs. Access more features, build better apps, win more clients - the combination of LiveCode and FileMaker brings infinite possibilities to your FileMaker apps. FileMaker 14 is now supported as well as FileMaker 15. Learn more about LiveCode for FM here:


Dropbox integration
This latest version also offers a brand new ready made component, Dropbox integration. Users can now work with Dropbox directly in FileMaker, Upload your database automatically to DropBox as a backup, Include the upload feature in your client’s database to help provide technical support, and more. Use this component as a starter template to access other web services. The Dropbox component makes use of LiveCode's OAuth2 library to authorize the application's access to user data. It shows how you can access web services in LiveCode and provides functions for uploading and downloading files to your Dropbox account. The library includes a dialog for selecting files and folders in the user's Dropbox account.


Read all about the Dropbox component here:


Dropbox – LiveCode for FM

FileMaker DevCon
LiveCode Ltd will be at the FileMaker DevCon in Phoenix, Arizona, this July. Come and see us at booth 20! We'd love to talk to you. During the conference there will be training available for early adopters of the product - for more details see this blog post:
Windows Plugin and Dropbox in Beta 3 – LiveCode for FM


Free trial available

Sign up here to try out LiveCode for FM completely free for 10 days: Register – LiveCode for FM


  • Use pre-built components
  • Write new functionality for your Filemaker App
  • Try the new Dropbox component
  • Support for FM 14 and 15
  • Now supports Windows as well as Mac
  • Claim free training
  • Get 25% discount on purchases