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dashboard layout

Question asked by JoeSand on Apr 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by HammerOz

I want to create a "dashboard" layout which I see as being a layout with several portals on it, displaying data from several lists in different ways.  It would serve as a "starting point" for the user... this is for an automotive service business, so I'd show a list of open repair orders, incomplete repair orders, completed repair orders, customers, estimates, maybe scheduled appointments, etc.  The idea is this is the first place the user would start, and clicking on any item will take you to the details of that item (different layout).


My question is: what list might I associate with this layout?  How would this typically be done?  Would I create a "dashboard" list that has only one record containing key fields?


This seems like the most obvious way to go about it, but I'd be curious to know what others have done