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Clearing all visible records: omit multiple [ get(foundcount) ] fails

Question asked by justinc on May 1, 2017
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I'm having some trouble with getting FM to clear the current found set.  I have used a specific technique many times in the past, and have seen it recommended many times here in the forums.  The technique is to use this one step in a script:


omit multiple records [ get(foundcount) ] 


However, I have recently noticed that a variety of script of mine that use this technique are not clearing all of the records from the current found set.  Most of the time it appears to only clear 1 record.  Other times it seems to leave 1 record, or some other fraction of the starting amount.


The workflow/reason is this:  The user is on a list view; the list should show only 1 'category/sub-category' at a time.  There are some navigation parts at the top for the user to change the category and sub-category that they are viewing.  Each category has it's own set of sub-categories - there is no crossover between categories.  So when they change the Category level from 'Abc' to 'Def', I try to clear the current found set of records (the ones from the old category) and show a blank set until they choose a new sub-category.  (The two pickers are showing value lists, with the 2nd list filtered by the first field.)  Then once they choose the sub-category, the found set will redefine itself based on the two items chosen.


And why do I want to clear the found set?  For UI clarity - I don't want to be showing records from Category 'Abc' when the indicator at the top of the layout shows "Def".


Has anyone else noticed this?


This is using FMPA 15.03 on a file hosted by FMS 15.01.