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    Disabling Quick Find


      Looking for a miracle.


      I did not realize that quick-find was defaulted to on.  Is there a way to turn it off on all layout at once or do I have to go one by one?

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          Layout by layout it is. You might consider hiding and locking the toolbar. It's pretty easy to set up a button bar with buttons for navigating records that copy/pasted from layout to layout.

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            The goal is reduce indexing.  I was told that any field with QuickFind on is automatically indexed.  File size is growing a little faster then I would like

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              That, to my knowledge, is not the case.

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                OK well this is an import concept for me to understand.


                1.     The more field I index the larger my file get.

                2.     Setting a Field for QuickFind indexes the field.


                In your opinion are both of these incorrect?

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                  1 is correct in general terms, but AFAIK indexing is controlled at the data level, not the layout level. You can go into Manage Database, and turn indexing off for most fields.


                  But it keep in mind that turning indexing off can negatively affect performance in a number of cases.

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                    I think you're completely on the wrong track.

                    Also: is your concern simply file size; or is it search performance?

                    Don't disable indexing.

                    Don't disable QuickFind.


                    Setting a field to allow QuickFind does NOT by itself, cause the field to be immediately indexed.

                    If you ARE going to allow QuickFind to be used on a layout, be sure to select only the fields that are indexed and which are based on the TO used by the layout.


                    One example of a problem is to have related fields and calculated fields set to allow QF.


                    Let's say you have an unstored calc that displays the record number and found count.

                    It displays "Record 37 of 434 found, 5,000 total"

                    Setting up that field to allow QF will cause searches on that layout to be terrible.


                    However - this does not address the part of your question regarding file size.

                    Unstored calcs do not cause file size problems.

                    Do you have fields with very large text blocks in them?

                    Do you have, for instance, custom audit-trail functions in the tables? These can produce enormous text blocks and if they are indexed then yes, there would be a problem.

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                      Thanks for the answer.  In a previous post on this board it was stated that Quick Find indexes the field which appears to be wrong.


                      The system I conceded with is actually 24 years old, began in FM5 and has been updated and upgraded over and over and with all that data I try to keep indexing as tight as possible.  They enjoy having instant access to everything so archiving is a loosing argument.


                      All good and thanks for saving me the wasted effort of turning QF off.