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    Divide a large file


      I have a Filemaker 14 file on postcards that has gotten too large (4522 records). How can I take the New Hampshire cards (1540 records) out of it and put them into their own separate file? The entire file won't fit onto a memory stick or DVD due to some kind of formatting problem.

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          A table with that many records is not very large at all. Do you have images stored in containers in these records?

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            Yes, there are a lot of scanned photos of postcards. We usually just put the entire file on a memory stick so we can transfer it to a different computer, but the file won’t go onto the memory sticks anymore. It says there is a formatting problem. Our smaller files don’t cause any problems. We figure that by removing the New Hampshire records, the file will fit onto the memory sticks. Then we need to have a completely separate file for the New Hampshire cards. We did this with another file several years ago, but I can’t remember how we did it. Thanks for your help! Brian

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              What is the physical size of the file? I suspect that total file size is larger than your media capacity. But there are other ways to transfer a file from one computer to another.


              But to do what you ask, make a copy of your file. Open the copy and perform a Find for New Hampshire records. Select Show Omitted Only from the records menu. Then select Delete Found Set.

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                The entire file size is 4.47gb, which is a little larger than a DVD will hold. Normally a memory stick will hold a file of this size.


                I am taking this file from a Mac OS.10.12.4. Need to put the file into an older Windows 7 machine. The Mac and Windows 7 computers don’t seem to “Talk” to each other.


                I will try the second thing that you suggested. That is probably what I did several years ago.


                Thanks again!



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                  This suggests to me that you have something else going on beyond just the size of the file.


                  And mac and windows computers have been able to "talk to each other" routinely for years.


                  One simple alternative is to use a cloud based file sharing set up such as drop box to transfer the file from one computer to another.

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                    If you create a compressed file of the database, this will reduce the file size significantly. I've seen some dbs reduced to one tenth the size as a compressed file. You may be enccountering OS limits on file size tranfers.


                    Also, if you turn off the indexes and save as a compressed file using the Filemaker dialog, this is not a zip file but it does reduce the size and clean up some problems, this may significantly reduce the file size. The indexes will be rebuilt for you.


                    You can also try saving this  'Save as Compressed' file diectly to your desitination rather than copying it in case the OS won't handle such a large file, which has happened in the past.


                    You could also try on a copy of the file changing the container fields to external which creates a second file for holding the container contents. This may reduce the size to manageable files. I haen't tried this but it also seems that different container fields can be saved to different external files which would also create smaller files. Again, test on a copy and not the original.


                    It is also possible to use external references rather than import the files but you would have to ensure that the folders aren't moved, etc.

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                      I was able to remove the New Hampshire postcard records from the main file

                      and installed the New Hampshire file into the Windows 7 computer..  The

                      remaining file still won't go onto a regular memory stick. I am trying to

                      load it onto a DVD right now. It is terribly slow. I suspect that there is

                      something strange going on with the file itself.

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                          Thanks for your reply about this problem.


                          I have several files, holding data and images about postcards. They are divided into “states”. The main file is the one causing trouble. It isn’t that large (1.83gb), which is making me think that it has another problem. The Filemaker program seems to be compacting the files by itself. I can’t even put the Main file onto a normal memory stick, which has much more than the needed storage space. There is some kind of issue with formatting the memory stick. None of the other files causes any trouble.


                          Hopefully, someone will have some thoughts about the formatting problem!




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                            Have you tried different memory stick?


                            This sounds like the memory stick has the problem

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                              I tried several different memory sticks. It hinted that there wasn't enough

                              room due to a formatting problem. We finally loaded the file onto a SDHC

                              card and it seems to work.

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                                You may wish to mark your final reply as "correct answer", so others will know what the solution was for you.


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                                  We did not find the correct answer to our problem. We just got around it by other means. There is still something wrong in the Filemaker file.  A 4.4gb file should easily fit onto a 32gb memory stick. For now, we will let this discussion end.

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                                    You might, just in the spirit of trying everything, try recovering the file and see if the recovered file copies. I don't expect that this will reveal anything, but maybe I'm wrong about that....

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