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Inventory/Asset Management System

Question asked by dimitrisf on Apr 30, 2017
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         I am in the process of building an inventory/asset management solution for a state organisation. (no prices etc involved). It is actually a distribution network of items. From Department to Users and back after usage is completed.


The basic processes are:


a) Receive new items

b) Loan items

c) Receive lent items back

d) Write-off items (e.g.  consumed items)

e) Change items location


The table structure is like this :


Processes--<Process Lines



-User initiates a new process and populates process lines  by selecting available items from Inventory table.

-A script populates a Transaction Table and updates the Inventory Table where total quantities are kept


In Inventory table a record represents a group of items sharing the same value in both three fields :


a) Item

b) LOT

c) Serial Number


So item qty is grouped for same Item/LOT/Serial Number.




How should I handle items in case for example, I have given a Loan of 20 Steel Wrenches (no LOT or Serial Number) and when the user returns them, reports that 3 of them malfunction,


How should I store that information?


Thank you!