How to calculate "Perfect Attendance Award"

Discussion created by Angelus81 on Apr 30, 2017
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I would like to calculate the "Perfect Attendance Award" for each of my employees.


My company will reward $100 per month for each employees who come to office without missing a date and late for work.


Below is my current calculation method:


Round ( 100 / 31 * Perfect Attendance Day ; 0 )


While "Perfect Attendance Day" is the number of days that the employee show up to work with out being late for work. Our company will still pay "Perfect Attendance Award" if the employee use his/her PTO to take a day off.


However, not every month has 31 days. Some of the months have only 30 days, and Feb has only either 28 or 29 days.


In this case, how do I modify my calculation? Please help.