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      Hey all,


      I have some questions about reporting.


      Now basically I have a layout A based on a table Resume. Resume table has one to many relationship with table Projects.


      So now in the layout I have a portal from Projects with name and its description.


      My need is I need a report where I have an information for the employee only with projects that I want , like if in the portal there are 5 projects named 1,2,3,4 & 5---and I need report for my employee with only projects 1,2 and 5. How would I achieve that.


      my layout A


      employee name


      portal[ with project name and its description in two fields]





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          I would not base this layout on the employee table, but on the projects table, using list view to get a list of projects with fields from resume placed in the header, grand summary, or sub summary layout parts as needed.


          You can perform a find, use Go To Related Records or Go To Related Records followed by Constrain Found Set to get the records that you want.


          You may may want to use a mouse click to select projects in your portal. If so, you might search this forum for:


          Adventures In FileMaking #2 - enhanced value selection


          the "check boxes with scrollbars example" shows one way to do this selecting.


          From my iPhone

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            I found the forum, its about conditional value sets. But I didnt get how I need to approach it.


            SO for now I created a report layout based on project table. What to do next.




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              Hi Garry,


              On your Project layout (report), go to the Layouts menu, Layout Setup. Make sure Views is set to default (or only show) List View.


              On your main layout for the employee, add a button labeled something like "View Projects."

                   Either via a single step or a script, you want to:

                   Go To Related Record

                   Show only related records from table Project, using the new layout report name


              HTH. You can get fancier, but that's the core path.



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                I get that. Button to a report. But my problem is for example if I have 7 projects in that layout for that particular record. I want only four selected projects in the report. I should be able to select what projects i want in my report so that I can save that record and print it out according to my requirement.



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                  Adventure #2 is NOT about conditional value lists. you are looking at #1.

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                    I am now confused totally, I understand what that forum said but How do I select the projects in the portal that needed to be in record. And also I have a question.


                    suppose in the report I wanted the names of the project listed(selected) which are now in portal. Some project names are 3 lines, some are 5 and some 1 line.


                    So I want them in the report shown fully and with no gaps. As I need to print the report. How would one achieve that.



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                      I didn't recommend a forum. I recommended an instructional file that you can download and open. One of it's examples shows two ways to set up a portal that looks and acts like a set of check boxes. The first example (check boxes with scroll bars) is one way to set up a point and click interface for selecting records from a portal.


                      It is also not the complete answer as it just illustrates an option that you might use as part as f the solution.


                      If if you read my original reply again, I list several other things that you also need in order to produce your report.