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FMS15 SSL certification invalid for mac client, valid for WebDirect/FM Go

Question asked by stam66 on Apr 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by CarolHunneyman

Hi all,


very possibly doing something wrong as I'm new at this, but can't get my head round this one. Grateful for suggestions/help.


My setup:

- FMS15 running on a Mac behind a NAT with ports 5003, 5300, 16000 and 16001 forwarded to a static IP behind the NAT

- Domain purchased from a 3rd party provider, pointing to my router's IP

- SSL certification purchased from my domain name provider and installed on server using the request file generated by FMS

- SSL installed on server (i.e. the .crt and .key files correctly installed, as far as i can tell)



- if i connect to WebDirect i correctly see the padlock and all is good; my SSL is working.

- if i connect with FM Go, it states at the top of the page that the server is encrypted using a verified SSL certificate

- However, if i connect with FMP 15 (Mac), i get an error: Can't verify identify of [host] / certificate is invalid. However when viewing the SSL certificate from the same dialog box, it says certificate is valid - see screen shot:

SSL Error.jpg


While it's mostly ok, this doesn't seem to be expected behaviour!


Does this matter? Or I can i reassure users to just tick the tick box to always allow connections?

FMGo and WebD seem fine and likely to be encrypted, but if the desktop users choose 'connect anyway', will they be encrypted?


grateful for suggestions