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    FMS + Server Mac Os




      For the following configuration:

      FMS14 running on Mac OSX

      12 users in a local network

      A few Webdirect users


      In about 15 months the amount of local users should be around 60 and 10 simultaneous Webdirect users.


      I am planning to add in the network a new Mac with "Server" (Apple App) running Contacts, Mail, Time Machine, Website, DNS, FTP, Open Directory.


      My 3 questions:


      • Shall both servers ("Server" and FMS) running in the same local network without conflicts since they both runs an Apache server?


      • The Internet WebDirect connections will come to OSX Server -> rooter port 443 redirection to the Server local IP.

      With FMGo (not local network), how can I reach the files on FMS? I guess mydomain.com/fmi/webd/ will not work.

      If I change the 443 port in FMS by another one, and redirect it from the rooter, is it a good solution?

      Or what should your recommendation?


      • I saw at TCP and UDP ports used by Apple software products - Apple Support that the port 50003 and 50006 needs to be open for FMS service and help. Is this needed only if Server is installed?




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          bkaisin wrote:


          With FMGo (not local network), how can I reach the files on FMS? I guess mydomain.com/fmi/webd/ will not work.


          FMGo uses port 5003 and isn't accessed at that address (that is webdirect) so that is fine.

          As for hosting two web servers you would be better off setting up two different external IP addresses and routing each IP address to the right server internally.  Running two web servers on the same local network is fine otherwise, there won't be a conflict between the two apache servers.

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            If you can't use 2 external IP-addresses, you could use a reverse-proxy on your main webserver that redirects all traffic  for a certain domain and/or a certain path to another server on the local network.


            If its would be the same domain with a certain path you could activate the apache-modules: proxy, proxy_connect, proxy_html, proxy_http and add in the virtual host configuration the following entries:


            ProxyPreserveHost On

            ProxyPass       /fmi/webd/      http://<internalip_fms>/fmi/webd/

            ProxyPassReverse        /fmi/webd/      http://<internalip_fms>/fmi/webd/

            If you would use https, you should install the ssl-certificates on the main-webserver and connect to the fms just using http (it would be useless to encrypt the data once again).


            I have this exact setup running with a linux-webserver and a windows-fms, works really well


            If you have a separate domain it would be:

            ProxyPreserveHost On

            ProxyPass       /      http://<internalip_fms>/

            ProxyPassReverse        /      http://<internalip_fms>/