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FMS + Server Mac Os

Question asked by bkaisin on Apr 30, 2017
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For the following configuration:

FMS14 running on Mac OSX

12 users in a local network

A few Webdirect users


In about 15 months the amount of local users should be around 60 and 10 simultaneous Webdirect users.


I am planning to add in the network a new Mac with "Server" (Apple App) running Contacts, Mail, Time Machine, Website, DNS, FTP, Open Directory.


My 3 questions:


• Shall both servers ("Server" and FMS) running in the same local network without conflicts since they both runs an Apache server?


• The Internet WebDirect connections will come to OSX Server -> rooter port 443 redirection to the Server local IP.

With FMGo (not local network), how can I reach the files on FMS? I guess will not work.

If I change the 443 port in FMS by another one, and redirect it from the rooter, is it a good solution?

Or what should your recommendation?


• I saw at TCP and UDP ports used by Apple software products - Apple Support that the port 50003 and 50006 needs to be open for FMS service and help. Is this needed only if Server is installed?