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    New Window Placement Control


      Many user have multiple screens.   The keep FileMaker on their secondary screen.  Anytime they open a new window it appears on their primary screen and they have to drag it over.


      If there a way to tell filmmaker to open new windows on the screen they are currently on?

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          Hmm. If you use a script to open the window, there are get functions that can return the top and left of the current window. Your script could set variables to those values, then use them to calculate top and left values for the new window.

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            Yea, I figured that.  Just hoping to find a way that doesn't require individually updating everything.

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              Jason Wood

              When I open a new window in FileMaker 14 on Mac, it opens around 25 pixels down and to the right of the existing window. I don't have multiple displays but I'm using Spaces.


              What you describe does not seem like what I would expect to happen on multiple screens...


              Unless you are referring to the first window when the application opens?


              What version are you using?

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                Actually it is getting even more silly.


                I have a list view

                I have a form view

                each has a one step script "Go to layout" to move back and forth between the two.


                List to Form retains window position.

                Form to List move the window to the primary monitor.

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                  What version of OSX/macOS are you using, and what are your system settings for Spaces (or Mission Control, depending on the OS version)? There are preferences there that have some control over where new windows for applications will open (in the same Space as the rest of the application, for instance), whether each application gets its own Space, and (this might be your key) whether different displays have different Spaces.


                  I'd play with that a bit - sounds like it could be what's causing your problem (which I agree would be maddening).