A Better FMGO Date Field

Discussion created by rgordon on May 1, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by taylorsharpe

I have long considered the date picker in FMGO to be evil.  I frequently use popovers with a month calendar to insert the date.  This works well if the date is close to the current date but not so well if the date needs a wide range like a birthdate.  I've attached a sample file with an alternative way to input dates.  The file uses a popover, a global text fields, Hide Object When, Script Triggers,Script Parameters, GetField and Set Field by Name.  It does take a little to set up but the GetField and Set Field By Name makes it fairly modular (except for find mode).  The process is smart enough to know if somebody types something like 312 it will insert 3/12/2017 as the date.


I'm looking for any feedback or suggestions somebody might have on the best way to handle dates in FMGO without using the date picker.  Find mode in the sample file still needs a little work. Having a go to field my name would have been nice.  (I could not get Go to Object to work in Find Mode)  It still uses the date picker in find mode.  Also I would have liked to use an OnEnter script trigger instead of a button on the date field but I discovered the screen would flash a brief date picker even if the touch keyboard was not enabled.