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Will Date Handling Be Better in FMP 16?

Question asked by fmpdude on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by Magnus Fransson

I just completed an integration to an existing FMP dashboard application and was again amazed how rudimentary FMP's date handling is for a multi-hundred dollar database product.


To wit, when I insert a date that is the same format as FMP's own "ExecuteSQL" into a date field (with no complaints from FMP), then try to do an ExecuteSQL to retrieve those same dates, what do you think I get? Nulls, naturally!  OK, FMP has dumped yet another chore in my lap, but why can't it handle dates for me?


Thanks to all the previous postings, I now have a custom function (calculation) that converts the ExecuteSQL date (2017-5-2) to a typical FileMaker date (5/1/2017) so FileMaker's own ExecuteSQL can the date. Seriously?


Plus, now that I need to use a CF to help FMP understand (and use) its own date formats, that means I'm also in charge of configuration management for any application that uses the same logic. That is, I would need to copy the "CF" to the other application.


I hope 16 finally has the product handling dates for us behind the scenes with a consistent date format.


FMI: Please forget "New Features! New Features! New Features! Instead, FileMaker should do more for us with existing functionality, not dump basic chores in our laps!


However, based on the coming features I've read about thus far for 16, I'll be skipping that version, too.