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    export windows project for iphone



      I want to install and review my project in my phone how can I do this work?

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          a FileMaker Database file is a "standalone", if not hosted and not multi-user (not networked). It can be placed on an iPhone/iPad and opened with FmGo:


          If it is Hosted, it still needs FmGo to open the file (pointing to the host FMServer) via Internet.


          Developed on Windows or Macintosh matters ONLY if:

          1. the fonts are platform specific

          2. platform specific steps are used (there is a way to test what is "compatible" on iOS

          3. the layouts are not optimized for iPhone/iPad size(s). see this document for best methods of "FileMaker Go 15 Development"


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            Method 1:


            if you are still working on the file and just need to check current design:


            Have computer and phone on same WiFi network.

            Enable sharing for FileMaker on computer.

            Open your file and use Sharing to enable "All Users" option for your file.

            Download FileMaker Go from App store

            Open FileMaker Go, Tap Hosts. You should now see the name of your file. Tap to open it on your phone.

            You can now test your solution on your phone, but be able to make immediate changes on your computer as needed.


            Method 2

            With your file closed, attach it to an email and email it to your self.

            If you don't have FileMaker Go download it.

            Open the email on your phone

            Tap icon for attached file to download it

            Tap it again to get "open with list"

            Tap the icon for FileMaker Go and file opens in FileMaker Go

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