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      I asked this question before but still can't figure out the solution! I use FILEMAKER 10.0.3.


      I am trying to print out 24 different addresses on a sheet of labels which have 6 on a sheet. My problem is that when I go to BROWSE or PREVIEW I just see 6 of the same name and address so I need to know how I can see ALL of the addresses on 4 sheets of 6 labels!


          If there is an avery number specified on the label packaging:


          Enter create a new layout and select the labels option.


          Specify the AVery number


          Select the fields.


          If there isn't an Avery number for your sheet of labels, please report back. You'll need to set up a 3 column layout to get a layout that correctly arranges the output to fit the labels when you preview, print or save as PDF.

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            Jason Wood

            Your original thread:




            It's unclear what you tried and where things went wrong.


            But a key point I think you're missing is that in layout mode, you should only see one label. Follow Phil's suggestion and do not resize the layout to add more labels! If you have more than 1 record in the found set, they will print correctly (as long as "Current Records Being Browsed" is selected in the print dialog) even though it looks wrong in browse mode. You can use preview mode to see how it will look when printed.

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              If you're seeing the same record repeated on each, then chances are the fields in your labels are based on related data and not from the table the label layout is based on.


              For example, if you have a label layout based on "invoices" and you are showing fields from a related "customers" table; If you have six invoices to the same customer, you would show the same customer label six times. In this case, the labels layout should be based on Customer.


              Following the guide @philmodjunk posted would correct that problem as long as the fields you select are in the same table you select for the new layout to be based on.


              Also, since it wasn't mentioned, FileMaker 10 is well past end of life and support. You should upgrade to the modern era as soon as you can.

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                Thanks.  I did what you said and entered the AVERY number and the six labels are placed in a perfect spot for when I can print it BUT as you can see the PREVIEW mode only shows two names repeated and it's the same when I save it to a  PDF!!laira2.jpglaura.jpg

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                  Thanks Jason. I think I tried to do that but I'll try it again although one problem is that the label I designed has a photo (YES I sell Elvis Presley records for a living for the lat 43 years!) on the left side which, when printed, interferes with where the labels are place. That is why I had to change the position. SO I guess by doing this it messed things up?  Any idea if I can do this with that photo WWElabel-1.jpgadded?

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                    Jason Wood

                    After you create a Labels layout, you will see 2 columns. You will see some merge fields in the left column if you set them while creating the layout.


                    Do not resize the body part or the column position.


                    Do not put anything in the right column.


                    You can move/resize the label text box within the existing area and you can add pictures within the existing area (you may need to resize them on a another layout first so they fit).


                    Enter preview mode and see your labels.


                    Good luck!

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                      Thanks Jason/. I'll try again. Paul

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                        I just did this and this is what comes up in LAYOUT and PREVIEW. I did this for an AVERY label (6 labels per sheet). But I wonder why it doesn't show 6 labels? I saved it as a PDF and it shows the same. Also how would I add the space on the left for a photo?  Thanks a lot. This is driving me crazy!!jason1.jpgjason2.jpg

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                          Jason Wood

                          When you went through the steps to create the Avery label, it should have sized the body part to be 1/3 the height of the page minus top and bottom margin, but if you're only getting 4 labels per page, then either the body part somehow got slightly too big, or you need to go to Page Setup and select the correct size paper.


                          Does the Avery label print on 8.5" x 11" paper? If yes, and if you already have "Letter Size" selected under Page Setup, then you can just go ahead and make the body part SLIGHTLY smaller - I bet it's just a matter of a pixel.


                          To add your image, you just need to grab that text box, resize it and move it to the right (but not past the dotted line), and paste in your image. You can use "Bring to front" on the text box to make sure it prints on top of the image if they overlap.

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                            Jason  Thanks again. I will try what you said.  Paul

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                              It looks like I did it!  But now I need to print them so what Mode do I need to go to to do this?


                              When I'm in PREVIEW I can go from page to page and it shows the labels the way I want them but when I try to print out all 3 + sheets it only shows one label in BROWSE and PREVIEW.

                              What am i doing wrong?

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                                Jason Wood

                                You can print in either mode. Be sure to select "Records currently being browsed" in the print dialog box.

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                                  I must be doing something wrong as no matter what MODE I go to I still can only print out one record and I do have the Print set us as you said!

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                                    Jason Wood

                                    If you are in preview mode, you see the labels presented the way you want them?


                                    And now if you go to print, and select the "Records Being Browsed" radio button in the print dialog, and print, you only get the top label printing out?


                                    And Page Setup is set to "Letter" size?


                                    I'm skeptical.

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