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Do I need a portal for this?

Question asked by muzz on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by muzz

I have a basketball scoring solution and I want to update it to include a record(s) of substitutions on and off during each game.  So far I have a table for the 10 player roster and have become confused over the best way to proceed. I have a layout with two portals, one for the players who are on and the other for the players who are off, with buttons to change the status and "move" them to the other portal. I will organise a script trigger to either create a record with the time on/off or add a line to a text log for each game (see attached).


I like the look of this but am not convinced it is the best way to go. I also can't get my head around portals easily and so far this resides in the roster table but probably (I think) really needs to be in a separate table with records generated related to each game. I'm pretty sure there is a simpler way.


I'd appreciate any input. The more I think about it the more variations I can think of but would like the simplest I guess.