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WebDirect Screens Jumping when clicked.

Question asked by ontarget on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by ontarget

May 2, 2017:


I'm using FileMaker webdirect, and I'm using FileMaker 13 to host the application. FileMaker 14 when hosted has issues with maintaining a connection to the application. What happens in FM 14 is it displays the spinner on the screen in version 14, and then crashes out of the application. I put a bug report on this over a year ago and never got an answer.


I just put an application up on the hosting company and tried to use FileMaker 14, and it had the same problem where it displays the spinner and crashes when moving between screens. Therefore when I had this problem again, I used FileMaker 13 to host this application on web direct. It had not been an issue after using it for a few days until now. When you click on a field and a screen the screen pops and flashes in, popovers, reports and list views. The part that makes an annoying is that in a report if you click in a date field in the drop down appears, soon as you click on the field it jumps down in the screen to a different row. This makes data entry almost impossible.


Have any other form issues been posted that relate to screen jumping and web direct?