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Changed network modem and switch and can't access our FMP server database remotely

Question asked by womantours on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by womantours

We were having network issues and think we finally fixed it by replacing our modem and switch yesterday. We can access the FMP Server database if we're in the office on our LAN, but we cannot access it if we're remote at another location by going to the external IP address. Due to the network issues, I'd replaced our router last week and opened the necessary ports and we were all able to access the database last week, both internally and externally. (After replacing the router, we were still having general network issues so I replaced our modem and switch this week. Now the networks problems seem to have been resolved.) I've looked up the new IP address on the computer with FMP Server and the database, but we still can't access the database from a remote location. Any ideas of what could have changed since getting a new modem and switch?

We're running FMP Server 14 on Mac computers on OS 10.12.4 and FMP 14.0.6. Thanks for any help!