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Sub-total in portals

Question asked by bongpko on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by Johan Hedman

I have recently imported my simple access database into Filemaker and trying to recreate it by using components form the starter solutions. Made all the necessary tables and relationships based on what i know and what is working on access. i have attached a copy of the filemaker i made and have need some help on some items i wanted to do. I am not much familiar with sql programming and all the knowledge i know are based on what i gathered from the web. My problem lies in making the calculations on subtotal in portals. Like total items quantity and amount per customers on to layout/portal/or tab control. For Customer Layout, we display using Customer Informations; Tab control that shows Total sales (invoice, date, item,qty, price and amount), Per Product Category sales (invoice #, items, qty, price, amount and date)


  1. For Total Sales tab control (it only shows the first item on the list on each invoice), is there a way to display all the items on the invoice.
  2. For Pencil/Ballpen/etc.(per product category) tab conrol (the correct date on the invoice will not display). And I cannot get the correct total items and total quantity per product catergory. This might need a combination of operators/soring that I cannot figure out.
  3. For Layout : Invoice Details table view (maybe same problem with (a.) only show the 1st item on each invoice as suppose to be showing all items on each invoice.