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    Using charts


      Hi,  I am very new to FileMaker and using database in general.  Firstly thanks to those who helped me with a portal question.

      My next problem encountered is how to create a chart (although I have found some great tutorials I still can't make my chart work)



      I have a table with 8 fields (each field is a yes/no checkbox value option to occurrence of that item in a surgical procedure)

      I need to total all the records for each field (I can do this I believe using Count? They are all set as checkboxes with Yes/No values)

      Then I need to put all these totals on a single chart to show the total count for each field item and the percentage value of the whole set.


      Can someone please help tell me if this is possible and how to set it up? 


      I also need to create a report that shows just the total count for each field in a easy to read layout.


      My knowledge of scripting etc is extremely limited but I am very happy to follow instructions and tutorials to learn.  So far I haven't been able to find how to solve the above situation.

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          You've got the right attitude!


          Are your check box fields set up with both a box for yes and a box for no?

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            Ah !  I just realised I set the checkbox for a Yes box only.  (There is no "No" box in this layout)

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              Therefore the count of each set of records in that field would be based on a value of 1?

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                A single check box is better than two in this case as Yes = not empty while No = empty.


                Count won't work in this context. If the Yes check box is selected, Count ( CheckBoxField ) simply yields 1, meaning that the field in the current record is not empty.


                To get a count across a found set of records define a "count of" summary field.


                Note that many developers use a single value value list of just the number 1 for such uses of the check box. You size the field small enough that the 1 is not visible and you add layout text for a label. Such a field can be counted or summed to get the number of records where the check box is selected.


                But you have other issues to resolve in your design.


                I would imaging that each different surgical procedure requires a different check list. If so, you should consider using two tables in a one to many relationship:




                Procedures::__pkProcedureID = CheckListItems::_fkProcedureID


                This allows you to build a different set of check list items for each different procedure.


                You might research "Questionnaire" or "survey" here in the forum to find some discussions that of solutions that would also apply to check lists.

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                  Actually there are only two procedures that I am having to enter, and only one of those requires a breakdown

                  So... I have one field which is scope type  - dropdown box for choice of which

                  Then I have also on the Scope Table fields for each type of polyp found - that is what requires the counts and to be graphed.


                  eg.  I have fields :  Polyp Type A, Polyp Type B, Polyp Type C etc .  The fields each have the Yes checkbox, so I can count them to get total number of records for each field.


                  It is these totals that I want to be able to graph - just not sure how as from what I have seen in the basic tutorials I can only select a single data source

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                    Are the types exclusive? Can the same polyp be more than one type?

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                      One scope can produce several polyps and each polyp can have more than one type

                      That's why I set up individual fields for the polyps - was this the wrong way to do so?

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                        I would definitely set up one record for each polyp in a related table linked to your procedure record. Then it doesn't matter how many or how few polyps to a procedure--that becomes just a matter of how many records you create and link to the same procedure record.