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    FM 15 Adv - Export to FMPUR file?


      I have a 'main' table (Members) and numerous related tables that are placed on the Members layout as tabs with portals.


      I want to export/save all the 'Inactive' members AND their related tables in the form an single fmpur file that users can 'reimport' if they want to see the inactive records.


      Export seems to require me to produce several files and Save copies the ENTIRE file and not just the found set.


      Is this possible?  How should I proceed?





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          I use a script to gather and format ALL the related information into a single field, in XML-like format, then export just that field.


          Import is a reverse process, a script imports everything into a holding field, then creates and populates the required records.



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            Markus Schneider

            tables to tables, fields to fields...

            xml could be used - but You can also create several exports, put them in a folder, then You could import the data via scripts. Automatically


            (in this case, the fmpur file needs to be enhanced, otherwise it's a manual process)

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              Export records exports the current found set. You can export a merge file to just export the data and yet be able to re-import the data using the matching names option.

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                FMPUR = ??

                if you are talking about a database/file linked to a Runtime, then your options may be limited.


                Exporting parents and children as raw XML would work. It would allow you to import (directly) the parent records using the 'FMPXMLRESULT' grammar. The children could be imported with an XSLT stylesheet. Once created (unless the fields and import order changes), this can be used again and again.


                Regardless of 'method', you cannot import child record(s) at the same time as the parent records. It will always involve multiple imports.


                Export as .mer will be the same as .csv, but include field names (for matching upon import).