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How to get HTML from TinyMCE that runs inside a webviewer?

Question asked by on May 3, 2017
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I need an option to edit text as html that shall be used in a mailing action. As I use the MBS plugin I tried the simple and easy example the author gives in its distribution. An html-page with the necessary view lines is loaded from a website into the webviewer and TinyMCE starts in it. A few short scripts running Javascripts via the MBS plugin against the webviewer can load and save html into and from the editor. Perfect and easy so far.


The only problem I have: TinyMCE has its own formats for html - and I do not know how to get real html from it. Example:


This is a [b]bold [/b][url=]link[/url].


Does anybody know how to get "normal" html from TinyMCE in order to avoid to try to search and replace all TinyMCE-styled terms into real html. Any ideas?


Best; Luna