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    Ctrl-C Ctrl-V


      On windows desktop (W10) in any edit field I can copy text using Ctrl-X Ctrl-V (cut, paste) but it doesn't work with the more common Ctrl-C Ctrl-V (copy, paste).

      Is that related to any permission I have to set, or other

      I'm pretty sure I have not overwritten the comand Ctrl-C with any personal shortcut.




      FMPro advanced 15

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          It is not a problem that I have encountered and I have the same OS and same. version of FMP Advanced.

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            I have had similar problems when using custom menus.  For the most part this has been on a Mac when the custom menu replaces the standard item.


            Switching back to standard menus solves the issue.  User has to be able to do this.  They frequently can't in a locked down database.

            This problem has been around for a while,  I think it started in 13 and I believe it has been reported as a bug and FileMaker is aware of it.

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              I believe it is a security setting:



              You need to set the Available Menu Commands to Editing or better.