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Script that runs on server schedule fails to set global field to a $var value

Question asked by jdevans on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by jdevans

I have a field in a TO that holds the timestamp of the last time a script was run. For whatever reason, it's not working now.


It is a schedule script called from the server. It isn't set to run using PSOS though. Although I'm really not sure the difference.


But up until today it's been running fine for months. And now it's not. There's a series of steps that says:
New Window

Go to layout (layout on which the global field is used)
SV $date- Get(CurrentHostTimestamp)

SF- field 1 Value: $date (this one works, but isn't set up to be a "Global" field)

SF- field 2 Value: $date (this one just leaves behind a blank field, if I execute the script from Admin Console- Run Schedule now).


The way I test it, if I open FMA 15, and run the script from my client, it populates the field.
But If I close the entire client, go to the Admin Console and click "Run schedule now" which points to the same script,

field 1 gets populated, but field 2 is blank when I open it back up after executing it from the server Admin Console.
Can't figure this out at all.