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    Does leaving WebDirect and CWP on take up resources?

      Hello everyone,


      I was wondering if leaving WebDirect, Custom Web Publishing, XML, or PHP active has any negative side effects.  My company only shares databases though the conventional fmapp method and wouldn't dedicate any server resources to the additional features.  I assume turning off all of the server's features we don't use is best practice but I'd like to know if there is any negative tangible effects keeping them on could cause.

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          I would say none of these features use hardly any resources if files on the server are not using them. If you are not using them, turning them off is a great practice. There are resources use to have them on and available but it seems to be negligible.


          I keep them all on for a dedicated development server and I do not see any issues ever really. Rarely the WPE can crash but that is separate from the DB engine that fmapp uses.