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    FM on a website


      We use FM as our database.  The information we put into the FM database originates from our website.  Our website has a registration form built into it.  We glean the information on the back side of those entries & manually put them into FM. 


      *Here's the question:  Can we put FM onto our website so that a person can register on the website & then that information flow into our database that sits on our computer?


      I googled this & read info that this was a possibility.  I'm pretty new to FM & am still learning some basic functions, so this is an even bigger leap for me to take on this task.


      Can anyone explain if this is a possibility in the simplest terms possibly.


      Thanks for any help you can give me.

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          What is the backend database used for the website? or does the information just get emailed to you?


          There are many alternatives to publishing FM if this is all you need.


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            Our website is Joomla and within that is something called Breezing Forms, which is where we extract the info.  We can extract that & put it into Excel format.  We know we can import that Excel info into FM, but would like a cleaner, easier way for the info to flow.  That’s what prompted the discussion of putting a FM interface (I’m not sure if that’s the right terminology) on our Joomla site.  I’ve read that if we can do that, there are different ways to do it, so we can control when & how the info transfers from the website into our FM database.  Does that answer your question?  If not, please let me know.  Thanks for your help.

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              Joomla typically uses a MySQL database so provided it is the correct version you can use FM's ESS feature to hook into those data tables directly.


              BUT... that table structure is not always very transparent so it may not be very easy to figure it all out.

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                plus one on that. the set up (if permitted) to access MySQL may be overly complex for FM to read.


                But if it's Joomla (PHP & MySQL), then there may be alternatives to push the data to FMS. I might have a single file that is web published to accept the data via XML/PHP (write only). Then use that table to import into your other data table(s). This way your entire solution is not web published.



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                  So it sounds like putting FM out there for people to use on the web is do-able...in the sense that they can input info;  we can import that info into FM.  It would be a 2 way street, but with controls where the web user can't access our files.  Does this sound correct?


                  What is my first step?  ...remembering that FM is new to me and I haven't don't this before.  I'm going to DevCon this year...hoping to learn a lot!!

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                    The "disconnect" with the web data and syncing is the greater security.