Azure for non-profits - a great (free!) alternative to Amazon AWS

Discussion created by skywillmott on May 4, 2017
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Just a heads up to anybody that works with non-profit organisations/charities.


With the advent of FileMaker 15, there has increasingly been the demand for dedicated FileMaker Server hosting and there are good options for this including: running your own in-house server; FileMaker Cloud; using a hosting provider that provides dedicated FileMaker hosting; and there has been lots of discussion and examples of using Amazon's AWS EC2 instances to run your own cloud server.


However, for non-profits and charities there is a fantastic scheme offered by Microsoft which provides $5,000/year of Azure services for free! :-)

This includes Azure Virtual Machines, which basically is very similar to taking the Amazon AWS route, although the setup steps are slightly different.


I've been using Azure for FileMaker Server 15 and it works out great! Plenty of choice of data centres around the world, and with that $5,000 allowance you can easily run a 4-core 14GB VM running Windows Server 2012 R2, with a fixed IP, backup etc all for free! :-)


The only cost really is the FileMaker licensing, so this is wonderful for non-profits.


I have seen lots of youtube videos and articles about setting up Amazon AWS for FileMaker Server, but very little for Azure, so I will attempt to make a screen recording tutorial, including set up of low cost SSL certificates on the server at some point soon for anybody interested.


Great stuff! :-)


More info here: Microsoft Azure for Nonprofits