Building facility to select multiple documents from different tables, to attach to email

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Dear all,


It's been a while. I recently returned to my customer, and did some bug fixing, and built some enhancements. I notice that developing in FileMaker is a trait that one doesn't forget, like cycling for example. I am where I am right now, thanks to my perseverance and a good chunk of aid I received on this forum. I notice that my questions here have in their turn helped others. Good.


To the point, I'm wondering how to tackle the folowing question. (Actually I think I know the answer, but I would like to verify whether I'm thinking of the easiest way to do it).


My customer has a FM database with

  • Clients, (incl. Contracts with clients in a subtable)
  • Contact persons at those cliensts, (Subtable under clients)
  • Client's buildings, (Subtable under clients)
  • Clients contacts, (Subtable under buildings)
  • Clients reports, (Subtable under contracts)

in bold, are documents, in container fields. There are many more types of docs. Arround 10 I think.

Amount-wise, 50 docs for one client is not an exeption.


The point is, container fields with PDF, DOCX and JPG attachments are scattered across the relational database in corresponding tables.


My customer is asking for a button in the Contact person layout, that allows him to set up an Outlook e-mail with a selection of related attachments of that client.


I'm thinking of the following approach / script:

  • Customer presses button,
  • Contact person's name and e-mail is recorded;
  • Goto New layout with all attachments listed in a sub-summary report. And / or, since I'm going into different branches of the database, I'll probably (??) need to work with portals.
  • Now, at each of the listed documents, I will have to build a tickbox "Pick me!" (For which I have to make a field in each of the corresponding tables.
  • When customer is done ticking attachments, he presses button 'Create mail'
  • Now the script will create an email to contactperson name and email and attach all ticked attachments. This happens table by table, using Find().
  • Outlook displays the mail. Customer can type body text and send it off.
  • Meanwhile script ends with wiping all ticks and returning to contact-person layout.


Would you also approach it like this? Suggestions are very welcome.

And one final question. The database has 3 users. How does one tackle the situiation that coincidentally two users start ticking at the same time?


Thank you very much in advance,

Regards, Thomas.