Tips for Creating Multi-User Friendly Solution

Discussion created by AjEGfmTech on May 4, 2017
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I am a basic, aspiring to be intermediate, in-house FM developer. We have invested in FileMaker Cloud (FMC) and I am getting ready to create an initial small/simple database to be published in FMC and accessed by users via WebDirect. Before I get too far, I want to make sure I have a solid multi-user friendly solution. We have about 150-200 potential users (all internal), though simultaneous use will probably only be a small fraction of that (I'm guessing about 10).


I would like the users to have a consistent login screen that takes them to 'their home layout' for the database. This layout would be specific to the logged in user and would become a dashboard of sorts that I can show the user the records (portal), layouts (links) and data (charts) related to them. This layout would also be where the user could edit settings that effect their user experience.


I have done a lot of researching and struggled to find the right terms to use when searching on this topic and as a result have not found much. Even the subject I have for this post seems not quite right. In what I have observed and read it seems like there is a method of creating a 'user preferences' table that would be able to take the login account (the FM account name used to login), match it up to the related user preference record and direct the user to a single-record layout based on that account. When I've played around with setting this up, it doesn't seem to work 'quite right'. One goal of this approach would be that any new records created in other tables by the user would be identified as belonging to that user, but in the tests I've played with, the actual results vary. I have a feeling I just don't have the basic foundation 'plumbing' setup quite right.


I know I have not provided any real details to help 'solve' my question/request. I did that somewhat intentionally. At this point it seemed easier just to ask if anyone knows of an article, forum post, video or other resource that walks through some best practices for setting up what I'm calling a 'Multi-User Friendly Solution' (for a lack of coming up with any better name).


Thanks in advance for any help.