PopOver button (get object name)

Discussion created by tinhx7 on May 4, 2017
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Hi guys,


I'm working on a POS menu.

Each PopOver buttons is a category that have individual buttons in them.

I have about 10 or so popover buttons.

The panel has its own object name.

I wrote a generic script that it gets the price from another database when the user click on the button, and return back the the current layout/database that popover button (remain open) is on by using "Go to object" at the end of the script.

My main goal is to keep the popover opening until the user clicks outside the popover.


The problem is I can get the popover to work if I specify the object name.

I don't want to create 10 scripts by just change the object name.

How can I get the object name of the popover to pass as the script parameter or something like that in the script?



For example:


Category 1: Treatments                                  Category 2: Enhancement

     Hands                                                              ANC Color

     Feets                                                                 Crystal Gel

     Arms                                                                   Acrylic





Issue #2:


I created a drop-down list with usernames on the same layout as above.

Whenever the users click on the services, it search for the price of the service from the Prices database, and set the username as a variable.

Then those values would save on the invoice database.

However, after the script is executed, the username randomly jumps to another username in the drop-down list.