SSL Certification for a Server with local IP (no DNS entry)

Discussion created by MattRevenaugh on May 4, 2017
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I have a Mac FM 15 server that I want to keep secure as possible. It's on our internal network. It has records with credit card info.


How do I get a certificate for this type of server if there is no domain or DNS entry attached to it?

(Sorry, first time thought this)


I think it should go like this?

     I make my request.

     Find an FileMaker authorized certifier. (A List of recommendations?)

     Exchange data and a fee.  (What do I enter for the domain? The ip address used by clients to access the server?)

     I should get a set of .pem files back.

     I secure the one, and use FileMaker Admin to install the other on the server?


     To verify, I need to open FileMaker Pro fresh and check the remote connection for a closed lock?


     Every 24 months or so, I will need to re-certify and get new .pem files?