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    Layout Tools Confusion


      I hate what has happened to the layout tools from FMP12 to FMP14. The two things I find most frustrating are selecting multiple objects which used to be simple to include and exclude objects on a complex layout.


      But what is bugging me today is trying to apply line attributes to a simple field. I'm making the simplest little db for currency values and I want the field to have a 1pt black outline. Using Inspector in the 'Graphic' area I click on the left hand box that has always put a boundary on all four sides of a field. And it does that but it only shows up in the active field and doesn't print at all. WTF?



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          Open Layout setup and clear the "delineate" check box.


          This very irritating "feature" has been with us for quite a few versions now. It has it's uses once in a great while, but some person at FileMaker inc. decided to make it the default setting on new layouts.


          I think that there's a product idea out there asking FileMaker to fix this one. If not, there should be!