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    Disconnection issue from Client End


      Dear All,


      From my concurrent users, Only one user get dis-connectivity issue where every-time access the filemaker solution(Windows 7)! Near him another PC using my FileMaker solution by FMP GUI, without any lag it works fine(Windows XP)!!


      Verified Internet Connection/Connectivity Cable, Its working fine!

      No IP Restriction or blocking from FileMaker Server, Verified!

      No Firewall/Antivirus Blocking issue, Verified!


      But if they try open the solution it will disconnect while they utilize the solution(approximately within 5 mins)!


      Client System(Disconnection issue PC) Configuration Details:

      OS Ver. : Windows 7 Professional - 64 Bit Arch.

      RAM : 2 GB

      FM Ver. : 12.0.1

      FM Cache Memory : 64 MB



      Any ideas for solution! Much appreciated for Solutions & Suggestions!