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    filemaker server


      Quick question


      I have a solution that i would like many others to be able to view from any pc that they would like


      I am thinking I need server to do this


      the idea is I set up a user name and password for a login and when they need to log in to view they simply use this log in


      my question is do i need more than a 5 user licence for just one log in details if more than 1 person is logging in at the same time but using the same log in


      also I am assuming that once the solution has been put on the server the person logging in will view the solution in HTML so they don't actually need to have filemaker on there pc


      am I correct

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          Thank you for your post!


          FileMaker Server 15 would have the WebDirect functionality for access through a Web Browser. The User Connections do work Per Connection, not Per File Account/User. So, if you can have 5 Physical People connecting when you have 5 User connections. You want a User Connection for every Physical Person you will have.


          You might see FileMaker Licensing for Teams FAQ for further information.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Hi davechatt ,


            you need at least one license per person connected to the server, whatever the login user they use. Now depending on the type of licenses:


            • concurrent licenses: one license per connection
            • FLT: one license per person that will use the solution


            Once the limit is reached, no one else can open a database.


            Regarding using the Web to connect to a file (database) this is a different client than FMP/FMPA and FMGO. That kind of client is called WebDirect. The interface is similar, compared to FMP/FMPA but is does have some limitations.


            This is short presentation to the options you have. But first, can you tell us where your users will be located, and other details that will help us provide the right information ?

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              so if 5 people needed access at the same time I would need licences for 5

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                more info


                the data base I have created is for building maintenance purposes so there is a set of 6 test sheets for things such as the electrical installation, the gas installation ect.....


                there are many different buildings this covers


                for each building there willl be someone who may need the test sheet they may need to see that is in date or they may need to download a copy that is what the solution is made for I just need to connect these people to the solution they don't have filemaker so thats where server comes in


                I hope that makes sense


                I don't really see more than 1 person at any given time trying to access the file but to be sure I can give the option for 5 people to access the file at  the same time covering  all my bases

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                  Just too add thank you for your reply it is much appreciated

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                    Just to make this simpler, you can only get connections in sets of 5. That is for User Connections or for Concurrent Connections. If you have a total of 5 users the FLT user connections should work for you just fine. Pricing for concurrent connections will cost more than FLT.

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