Further Questions about Populating Child Tables

Discussion created by gswest on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by philmodjunk

So I am trying to create a script where when a record in the main table is created, it populates a child table and plugs in some values. This is the script I'm working with at this point:


New Record/Request

     (I have a feeling this needs to be changed but I can't figure out what to change it to)

Set Field [charCombatTechniques::_fkcharCombatTechniquesID; TDECC::charRecID]

     (this one is also a problem, I want it to copy to parent key into the foreign key)

Set Field [.....

Set Field [....;Lookup(...)]


and then it repeats.


The script is indeed creating records, but records in the parent table - TDECC. I would like it to create those records in the child table - charCombatTechniques. The auto entry stuff works fine as does the lookup, but when I run the script it creates brand new parent table records...not what I want.