FM Cloud - updating domain name / SSL certificate

Discussion created by J_File on May 5, 2017
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Hi all,


I am pulling my hair out with this. I can't seem to make any progress and it is very frustrating indeed.


I am 60 days into my FileMaker Cloud subscription, which means I have only 30 days to update the domain name (away from the 90 day free one you get assigned when you sign up) and associate a new SSL certificate to this new domain name.


I found what I thought was going to be a useful guide here: FileMaker Cloud and SSL Certificates | The Brain Basket


Thing is, this only works (from what I have found) if all you are doing is renewing the initial .fmi.filemaker-cloud.com address that you are initially allocated when you set up the Cloud instance for the first time. The steps starting from around 10:00 minutes which involve getting the CSR text does not work if you are trying to set up a new domain name.


Can anyone point me to another step through resource that may help? It feels that I need to update the domain name of m instance before registering the new SSL, but I can't see anywhere to do that on the FileMaker Cloud admin panel. Good information on this side of FileMaker Cloud is very poor. Bit disappointed to be honest.


Lost around 4 hours on this already ....


Thanks, J