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    Hosted SDK - App Store Review Rejection


      Hi All,


      So we've built our App.

      We've built our Launcher File.


      We are using an Amazon server to host.

      We can connect to our host via the launcher file using TestFlight. No issues.


      But the app got rejected for the B2B store.

      Seemingly because of IPV6?? Apple can't launch the Hosted File....

      We setup IPV6 on the Amazon Server and done the test on the server and it seems to be working.


      We are thinking that it has to do with the launcher file - manage external data sources?

      Has anyone else had this issue?
      Are we missing something?
      Does it have to do with having the IPV4 address in the manage external data sources area of Filemaker?


      Please help if you can, we really need to have this App in B2B quickly. But don't want to keep resubmitting with the same issue.



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          I have seen FM do weird things when you make one connection by IPv4 and then try an IPv6 from the same client to the same file., but this is likely not the issue. Did you speak with the Apple directly about the exact issue. It takes time t get through to someone in developer support, but they try to help the best they can.


          I would suggest you use a FQDN in your external data source entry with proper DNS entry to route to your IPv6 server. This is better on many levels. You get SSL for the FQDN (secure and progressive DL for mobile) and a change in server is a DNS entry instead of trying to make sure every user updates with a new IP address entry in the file.


          Apple has been pushing IPv6 app compatibility for a while now and for the AppStore it is a requirement to be compatible. Supporting IPv6-only Networks - Support - Apple Developer The IPv4 data source entry may be causing your issue.

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            Ok, i will try a new submission with the FQDN.

            See how that goes.


            Thanks for your suggestion.