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Hosted SDK - App Store Review Rejection

Question asked by user29565 on May 5, 2017
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Hi All,


So we've built our App.

We've built our Launcher File.


We are using an Amazon server to host.

We can connect to our host via the launcher file using TestFlight. No issues.


But the app got rejected for the B2B store.

Seemingly because of IPV6?? Apple can't launch the Hosted File....

We setup IPV6 on the Amazon Server and done the test on the server and it seems to be working.


We are thinking that it has to do with the launcher file - manage external data sources?

Has anyone else had this issue?
Are we missing something?
Does it have to do with having the IPV4 address in the manage external data sources area of Filemaker?


Please help if you can, we really need to have this App in B2B quickly. But don't want to keep resubmitting with the same issue.