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Merge html text in FileMaker

Question asked by ndveitch on May 5, 2017
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Hi There,


I need to find out how I would merge two sets of HTML code for a built in email module I have. I need to add HTML signatures into the body of the email. I have the HTML code for the body of the email and the HTML code for the signatures but I am not sure how to get the signature code into the email code.


The signature will need to go at the end of the code. Similar to this, </p>  ( signature code )  </body></html>. The signature code is self encased and I tested it in a viewer. It was easy to add in the editor, because that was just copy and paste, but I am not sure on how to do that correctly in FileMaker. I saw something like this in a webinar and I think Position() was used, but I am not to sure how to go about it.


The signatures are stored in global fields in my globals table so that I would be able to update the html code based on the User that is sending the email. Well that was the idea.