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What are the Dos and Dont's Advice to publish Stand-alone Runtime and Web-based solutions?

Question asked by PeterChen on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by PeterChen

I intend to upgrade to FMP15 Advanced from my current FMP 14 and to publish Standalone Runtime solutions as well as Web-based solutions with a reliable Hosting company. I should appreciate some invaluable advice before embarking on it.


1) Have most bugs in FMP15 Advanced been addressed?

2) What are the Dos and Dont's designing solutions with FMP15 Advanced and what are the limitations of FMP15 Advanced?

3) What are the potential problems? example, script triggers issues.

4) Which Hosting company is the most reliable with Fast Internet Speed, Fast Customer Service Response, Least Downtime and reasonably priced?

I'm contemplating signing up with FilemakerHostingPros or Triple8.

5) How secure is Cloud hosting currently? If clients prefer Standalone solutions for security reasons, any good alternative method that they could still access certain data via the Internet?

6) How essential and at what level of use is Dedicated Server needed?

7) What're the average maximum multiple concurrent web users for the solutions to operate smoothly?

8) What devices are best and what devices are not advisable to be used by clients? What about any particular brand(s) to beware?

9) What are the good reliable Plug-ins to use? and which Hosting company caters the best plugins?

10) Any other area that I need to consider?


Any relevant advice is very much appreciated!


Thanks very much!