Auto Fill drop down list / keeping first entered letters

Discussion created by luffyfilemaker007 on May 7, 2017
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Dear all;


I was wondering if there is a way to configure a field as a drop-down list and that it would show only the results of the first entered letters.

While keeping the letters you already entered.

The way it works now is that when I start to type in the customer field, I have to type very fast the next letters for it to go to the proper customer.

If I type "Alex" it will show me all people with a name starting with "Alex" but if i dont type fast enough I can not add "Alexander" for example.

For this to work I have to delete all and then type quickly "Alexander".

What I am looking for is a way to type "Alex" and that I can still add "ander" after a pause like it does in Quickbooks.


I don't know if that makes sense to you.

Looking foward to your help;