Multiple Cases Statments

Discussion created by tinhx7 on May 7, 2017
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Hi guys,


I'm try to use the case conditions statements to calculate the sales, but I got stuck.

S_Regular Price is a summary of Regular Price.

S_Discount is a summary of Discount.

S_Custom Price is a summary of Custom Price.


Regular Price is hard coded.


If the cashier enter a Custom Price, then the Regular Price will be negate.

So the Custom Price add the S_Discount to the Subtotal.

If not, Subtotal = S_Regular Price - S_Discount.


Here's my current calculation:

Case(S_Custom Price = ""; S_Regular Price - S_Discount; Custom Price  ≠  ""; Regular Price - Regular Price + S_Custom Price - S_Discount + S_Regular Price)



Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 9.15.26 AM.png