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Trouble with an IF calculation

Question asked by sdurante on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by siplus

If ( (not IsEmpty ( FullMember::FullStartDate) and(Get (CurrentDate)- FullMember::FullStartDate>365))


  (not IsEmpty ( Associate::AssociateStartDate)and (Get (CurrentDate)-Associate::AssociateStartDate>365))


(IsEmpty ( FullMember::FullStartDate)

and IsEmpty ( Associate::AssociateStartDate))

; ""; "Y" )


The above is my calculation. If either of the Startdates is more than 365 days old or if both fields are empty, the condition is satisfied and the field is left empty.

My question is  why would everything after the second "or" be necessary? And it was necessary.

I'd expect the "not IsEmpty" conditions above those lines to satisfy my requirements--but they didn't.