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    FM Console: Database Server not available


      Hi Folks


      After shutting down a database on the FM Console to do some work on a database (clearing data from a table and importing data from a backup) which seemed to go fine, the Console no longer start the database server.


      I'm currently using Windows 2008 R2 server software

      The Console version is

      The Database is accessed by other computers on a local network


      When I attempt to upload the database (which is located in exactly the same place) I have the following message


      The Database Server is not available


      Admin Console functionality is limited to Filemaker Server Overview and the Log Viewer panes

      To use other functionality, the server administrator must start the database server again


      I went to the Filemaker Server 12 start page and it says that the console requires a supported version of Java. I just wanted to check whether it is just  an issue of installing a Java update or whether it could be something more serious. Note when I click on verify the Java version Java's message said that javascript had been disabled (yet the FM database up to this point had been accessed by other clients on a network).


      Thanks for your help in advance