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Question asked by staywme on May 7, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by philmodjunk

So this might sound strange and complicated but I'm a novice .... forgive me before I upset anyone.

I have a sports database with (example) 10 teams (Team 1, Team 2 Team 3 etc). I have (say example) 5 players.

The deal here is to anticipate the results of each game and according to the actual game results there are points divided up.


On Record #1 (Playday 1) I have the 5 results and what the 5 players 'anticipated' the results were going to be.

I have created a field called "Points" and on game day #1, player #1 got 4 Points.

On Game day #2 he got 2 points, on Game day #3 he got 4 points etc (34 game days total or 34 records)


I wanted to create a "recap" day, where it shows that Player #1 on Game day #1 had 4 Points, on Game day #2 2 Points, on Game day #3 he got 4 points etc.

What I getting is all 4's, 3's or two or whatever ....


Questions: Is there a way to show the entry of each Record or do I have to create 34 Game day separate fields for just player #1?

I am not sure that this was/is clear but hopefully some smarter than I, person understands and has some better news for me, otherwise its back to my excel spreadsheet, despite my enthusiasm for FM15.