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    Recap Page


      So this might sound strange and complicated but I'm a novice .... forgive me before I upset anyone.

      I have a sports database with (example) 10 teams (Team 1, Team 2 Team 3 etc). I have (say example) 5 players.

      The deal here is to anticipate the results of each game and according to the actual game results there are points divided up.


      On Record #1 (Playday 1) I have the 5 results and what the 5 players 'anticipated' the results were going to be.

      I have created a field called "Points" and on game day #1, player #1 got 4 Points.

      On Game day #2 he got 2 points, on Game day #3 he got 4 points etc (34 game days total or 34 records)


      I wanted to create a "recap" day, where it shows that Player #1 on Game day #1 had 4 Points, on Game day #2 2 Points, on Game day #3 he got 4 points etc.

      What I getting is all 4's, 3's or two or whatever ....


      Questions: Is there a way to show the entry of each Record or do I have to create 34 Game day separate fields for just player #1?

      I am not sure that this was/is clear but hopefully some smarter than I, person understands and has some better news for me, otherwise its back to my excel spreadsheet, despite my enthusiasm for FM15.



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          much depends on how you want to present this data on the screen or printed page.


          A summary report is one option and a "cross tab, also known as a "pivot table" report is also possible.


          Of the two, a summary report is much easier to create.


          Can you provided an example of how you want this to look?

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            Hi Thanks for looking at this. I work mainly on screen but once a week I would like to produce a PDF showing the weekly results. Below is a print screen with the matches in the first and second column. The third is the actual result (FC Augsburg vs B. Dortmund) 2:1 than we go into individual players. The first is Roli; he correctly picked 2:1 and gets 4 points etc etc.

            Next week I open a new record, show (Column 1 and 2) the matches (dropdown menu) and so on it goes.


            In the second screen print you will see Roli has 4 points from record 1 and record 2. In reality in the second week he only got 3 points.


            So how do I get different results listed in that recap page. One way I figured is to build a field for each of the 34 game days (multiplied by 15 players that will end up being some 4,590 separate fields. I figured there must be an easier way .....

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              What you are posting is a "Cross tab"  or "pivot table" report. If you do a search on this form, you can find descriptions of several very different ways to produce such a report. None are particularly simple to set up, but do work if you get all the details in place. It's best to look at more than one option as one may be much easier to understand than another depending on what prior skill/experience you have.