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FM 15 adv portal row delete

Question asked by synergy46 on May 7, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by synergy46

I have a current and previous version of the same program.


There is a SETUP layout that has mostly global fields on it.

(Organization Name, address, city, state etc....)

There is also a dues structure called MembershipTypePopup which holds information in a portal linked to the Global table using a 'X' relationship.


Here is the weird part.  In the Current version the script that deletes a row in the MembershipTypePopup Table, when fired, deletes all rows.


But, when I run the same script in the Previous version, it does NOT delete all rows; it acts as expected.  Yes, I have pasted the working script into the new version and it is no help.  Also, I can step through the New version script and see that when it gets tot he Delete Row step, all rows disappear when it encounters the Delete Portal Row script step.


What am I missing???