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Group Quantity in Portal.

Question asked by on May 8, 2017
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Hello Everyone.


I have an quantity field on the order form. When user enter more than one quantity, I duplicate that order to number of quantity user enter. This is because user want each order to be than processed separately as each order will have different SKU and serial NO etc…


So if user enter the quantity of 3, 3 numbers of orders will be created.


Below portal shows the orders and quantity.


What I wanted now is to see only first row of each order. So I was using portal filter to filter out first row of each order that has more than one quantity. In simple words, I would like portal to group quantity. So the below portal should display only 3 rows.


I tried  ExecuteSQL in portal filter calculation. So Select * form Orders Group by Quantity. That didn’t work.


What would be the best way to either group the quantity  or Hide portal rows that have more than one quantity.



Thank you.