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No audio scroll in FMP 15 (Mac). Is there an alternative to default Quicktime player?

Question asked by patw on May 8, 2017

I need to flick through audio tracks within FMPro15 to audition music.

My old FMP 11 database used a different looking Quicktime Player which had a scrollable audio timeline.

The default Quicktime audio player in  FMP15 has lost the timeline.

I was advised by Filemaker support that this is a problem with the latest Apple Quicktime Audio Player and so to discuss it here, to see if anyone has found a workaround.


I am using FMPro Advanced 15.0.3 on a Mac Pro, OSX Sierra 10.12.3


Incidentally this problem extends to other Apple apps such as Mail, which also displays messages containing embedded audio with the same cut-down player. Oddly, the Quicktime Video Player retains the timeline.


Working in the music industry as I do, this makes flicking through hundreds of mp3s a nightmare.


Any suggestions welcome!